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We have three, double, guest rooms, comfortably furnished and provided, as homes of that
Nature Flaura & Fauna
Nature Flaura & Fauna
The smaller, private, tranquil garden at the back is a birdwatcher’s paradise
There is much to see around this historic city: the varied influences on the culture and heritage
All meals are home cooked, and effort will be made to accommodate special needs, diets and tastes
Ajmer Bungalow

The Ajmer Bungalow is in the Civil Lines area of Ajmer City.
Built in 1908, it is a typical British colonial bungalow, standing in its own grounds. With a varied roof line which hints at cool, high-ceilinged interiors protected from the hot desert air by thick walls and deep, shaded verandas....

Home to the great grandchildren of Shankar Lal Capoor, who came to Ajmer from Agra over 150 years ago, the Ajmer Bungalow, from the outside, looks exactly as it did when it was built. The interiors have been brought up to date with modern bathrooms and air conditioning and are furnished with our own furniture, books and paintings.

The house is approached across a large front lawn, the scene of many merry gatherings of family and friends.

The smaller, more private, tranquil garden at the back is a birdwatcher’s paradise or the quiet reader’s haven.

Conveniently close to the bus stop and station, ten minutes drive from the Old Bazaar and major sights of interest, this warm and inviting family residence is the perfect place to base yourselves, when in Ajmer.

A Luxurious Stay in The Ajmer Bungalow!

Ajmer, Rajasthan, India
A beautifully maintained 1906 Colonial Bungalow welcomes you to relax and enjoy the hospitality of the Capoor family. From the extensive library to the curated gardens, the gourmet home cooked meal...

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